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HTML++ is the language used by SunSed platform for building websites, fast.

HTML++ is a simple server-side programming language that adds logic to HTML. It's goal is to make creating websites (templates) for content management system easier.

If you know HTML you are already familiar with HTML++ syntax. You just need to learn more tags.

hello-world in HTML++:

<p>Hello World</p>


<p>Hello World</p>

The job of HTML++ tags is to create a HTML document and serve it to the browser. In the above example there is no HTML++ tag so it will be served to the browser as is.

Let's add two numbers together:

<p>Hello World <calc>1 + 1</calc></p>


<p>Hello World 2</p>

As you can see the browser has no idea about the <CALC> tag.

Something more interesting:

<make-tag name="say-hi">
    <p>Hi there!</p>
<say-hi />


<p>Hi there!</p>

Or even more interesting:

<sunsed-navigation />

Result: SunSed will automatically generate your website navigation for you and put it in place of that tag (where ever you have called the tag)!

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