HTML++ Tags

redirect redirect visitor to another page

decode-url decodes URL-encoded string

print-names helps you debug your program

encode-url encoding a string to be used in a query part of a URL

count count all variable names matching a wildcard

make-tag creates a new tag

lower-case convert the string to lowercase letters

hash print the MD5/SHA1 hash of a string

calc calculate math expressions

case creats a group of conditions

include includes and evaluates the specified file

unset unset a given variable

upper-case convert the string to uppercase letters

ignore ignore this tag and it's body (anything inside of it)

escape convert special HTML characters to HTML entities

if perform different actions based on different conditions

error create error page

is-set check if a variable is set

space print one or more spaces

serve send HTML is ready to be served signal to the server

halt terminate your HTML++ code and serve what ever HTML you got

for loop through a list of matched variables

put print content of a variable to the parent tag

set (re)create a variable

date format an epoch

url-encode encode special URL characters

SunSed Tags


sunsed-post-read-time-by-id how long it takes to read a post by id

sunsed-get-post-content get post content by id

sunsed-branding sunsed branding message

sunsed-page-title get current page title

sunsed-navigation create the website's navigation

sunsed-url get he full url for a given path


sunsed-get-author-info get author info by id

sunsed-subscription-form subscribe by email form for visitors

sunsed-rss create RSS page

sunsed-first-post-id-by-tag replaces itself with id of the first post with a specific tag

sunsed-author-id-by-name replaces itself with the id of an author name

sunsed-mark-post-content search and highlight a given post content

sunsed-author-name-by-id replaces itself with the name of an author id

sunsed-translate translate text from English to the websites default language

sunsed-get-post-info get a post meta information

sunsed-get-posts get posts

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